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Services Highlights

  • Unlimited Disputes


    Our programs provide clients with unlimited, personalized disputing to credit reporting agencies and creditors. We create individually-tailored dispute letters for each major credit reporting agency.

  • Free Consultation


    We consult with clients to ensure our services are right for them. A credit analyst will review your credit history with you at no obligation. During the consultation, the credit analyst will explain what Build Perfect Credit provides, how the process works, the time frame involved, payment options and what to expect during the course of being a client - all at no charge! Call now to speak with a credit analyst at 800-350-8102.

  • 24 Hour Online Access


    Build Perfect Credit utilizes state-of-the-art technology that allows clients to access real-time information regarding progress of their credit restoration. This technology allows for reporting of all disputes by creditor and online status updates. Data is compiled in user friendly charts, making it easy for clients to follow the progress of their credit restoration.

  • Monthly Fees


    At the time of consultation, we outline our fees and guarantee them in writing! Our Monthly Fees are limited by the payment option you select. Payment options range from 1 to 12 months.

  • Commitment To Education


    Education is a primary goal of our service. We teach clients to improve their credit through the credit score calculation process. Our credit specialists will explain any credit mistakes you may have made in the past to ensure you do not make them in the future. We tailor a plan of action that not only helps to raise your credit scores, but ensures they stay that way.

  • All Inclusive! No Upgrades Needed


    With Build Perfect Credit, you don’t have to worry about costly program upgrades. Our programs include all services necessary to help you restore your credit. When you choose Build Perfect Credit, you receive an effective credit solution from day one.

  • Individually-Tailored Programs


    When you become a Build Perfect Credit client, we evaluate your credit reports and individually-tailor a plan based on your needs. As we manage your account, we tailor our service to the actions of credit reporting agencies and creditors as they arise. Whether you need rebuild your credit, deal with collection accounts, foreclosure or bankruptcy, we offer the most appropriate solution.